Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Costa Rica Vacations Resorts

Resort Villas are the best solution for accommodation on your next trip, if you travel in a large group or family. Fortunately, he presents a series of rooms, comfort, safety, you and your family needs. Nice rooms, tastefully decorated with spacious rooms and a kitchenette make your stay in Costa Rica Villas comfortable and enjoyable. Villas in Costa Rica around him in a fantasy forest where you can see more species of flora and fauna there are people.

In contrast to the Pacific coast, the Caribbean coast is much less developed, and much less busy. That makes it one of the most unique. It has a very different atmosphere compared to other parts of the country - the reggae and culture "rasta" and not be far behind.

Tortuguero National Park is about 50 miles north of Limon on the Caribbean coast. This is the beach, if you are in the eco-adventures. The main attraction of this beach are the sea turtles. Many beaches are protected to give the turtles a safe place to lay their eggs. There are many other wild here, water and foam.

If you are looking for beauty, Manuel Antonio is your best bet. Also on the Pacific coast, this beach is a paradise of smaller beaches, even visited the country. The best thing to do is simply to enjoy the beauty. You can put in the sand and ride the waves, go swimming in the ocean, or try to catch a wave.

This is where most of Costa Rica trips begin. The Central Valley is home to the Costa Rican capital, San José, as well as major international flight terminal.

Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama. The country is great for ecotourism. The tourists that the country can enjoy a diverse landscape of mountains, forests, volcanoes and several amazing back in the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Costa Rica is home to an absurd biodiversity with about 850 species of birds, 205 species of mammals and 9,000 species of flowering plants. Costa Rica is definitely has its diverse landscape, with its huge volcanoes rising from the forest floor and the calm stretches of beach.

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